At Arts of Steel Limited we specialise in the whole package from design to manufacturing, supply and installation of complete entrance systems, static or electric gates, balustrades, general architectural metal work and intricate constructions in either domestic or commercial applications. From metal sculptures to challenging constructions we also work closely with architects and artists in creating unique designs and ideas into the finest quality metalwork.

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Over the last years we have successfully carried out the design and construction of numerous estate improvements and works within central London & the South East. Whatever the next challenge, from a decorative pedestrian gate to a highly engineered construction, we are more than happy to assist with technical advice and a free consultation. Please use the links provided to navigate to the relevant section relating to your requirement. Essential data, case studies and technical documents are available on each link to assist with your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry. We look forward to being of service.

Below is a list of works which we specialise:

Single and double leaf hinged automatic electric gates. Sliding automatic electric gates. Cantilever type sliding automatic electric gates. Single and double leaf hinged security gates to incorporate with double or single mag lock built within frame. Over head or underground vandal resistant type hydraulic, auto closures for security gates. Auto drop bolts in combination with double or single mag locks within frame for automatic electric hinged type double or single leaf vehicle gates. Self lubricated enclosed rollers to be used on sliding gates. Special fabricated brackets to enable extra security for sliding gates avoiding de tracking whilst allowing smooth sliding operation. Special fabricated brackets as end travelling sliding gate meeting points to provide extra security for sliding non cantilever gates. Underground hydraulic hybrid automatic operators for hinged gates. Ram operators for hinged type gates. Special built nest brackets within brick piers to incorporate indicated geometry for ram operators whilst reinforcing the brick pier. Core posts for brick piers. Design and erection of brick piers uniform or with expansion plinth. Supply and installation of pier caps and reconstituted stones. Supply and installation of engraved slates to be built within brick piers. Bespoke metal posts with decorative post tops. Metal decorative columns to be used for physical supports instead of metal posts or brick piers. Also wrought iron classic or ornamental metal works for static pedestrian or vehicle gates with purpose made locks or built in mechanical key pads double or single faced. All the above listed at complete entrance solutions, automatic hinged gates, automatic sliding gates and automatic cantilever sliding gates as well as security gate section.

Bespoke access control equipments. Weather shields built within railings or on standalone posts to receive intercom or other devises. Stand alone posts with weather shields and stainless steel laser cut engraved push exit buttons. Vehicle detectors dedicated for safety as well as vehicle detectors dedicated for free exit or free entry in combination with timer. Lockable metal enclosures to nest sensitive electronic devices such as control panels for automatic gate systems. Stand alone receivers to incorporate with new or existing remote controls to enable operation of other devises such as garage doors or and lights together with vehicle gates. Antennas to incorporate with new or existing remote controls to enable long range operation. Safety devises such as standalone photo cell beams or photo cell beams built within purpose made posts. Special hinges with built in rollers and self lubricated shield systems. All the above listed at the access control system section.

Wrought iron gates with aluminium infill panels bolted on to enable rust protection in different ral colours. Structure or decorative balconies and balustrades to incorporate with specific brackets and newel posts. Various designs of balconies to incorporate the latest building regulations. Security or decorative railings. Laser cut applications for decorative panels built within gate frame or stand alone to decorate areas. All the above listed at pedestrian and garden gate section.

Furthermore other metal constructions such as canopies with laser cut fascias satin finish stainless steel ceilings with recessed lights and laser cut decorative panels as decoration on physical supports. Other metal constructions such as gazebo style to incorporate with circular columns as physical supports powder coated aluminium panels as roof structure supporting photovoltaic panels for educational purposes. Also decorative metal arches for parks and estates.

All the above listed at metal construction general section.

Playground bespoke sculptures with human shapes to incorporate slides climbing walls spider web shaped nets and bird nest type swings with laser cut human shapes. Also decorative bespoke sculptures such as rose arbors at artistic and modern metal art sections and large ornamental lantern lights. Also decorative laser cut flush with the ground illuminated wrought iron shaped segments to incorporate illuminated path to high profile and listed buildings at London Bridge. Metal sails fixed on brick wall following special pulling test as required All the above as listed on section modern and artistic metal art.

Also gates and railings for commercial and estate projects various decorative or security iron work with vandal resistant properties where necessary such as vandal resistant fixings underground auto closures for security gates with fob readers and magnet locks with in laser cut weather shields as illustrated on commercial and estate project section.

Laser cut for engineering purposes such as support brackets welded onto sections whilst allowing breathing and draining facilities for hot dip galvanise facilities. Laser cut out of stainless steel satin brush to incorporate engravings and signs. Laser cut stainless steel satin shapes to construct boxed type school emblems and other boxed type signs. Laser cut threaded letters to incorporate on mild steel powder coated signs. All the above listed at laser cut technique and application section.

Furthermore design facility and technical advice such as drafting of detailed auto cad drawings to be used for illustration or construction purposes within house drawing as illustrated on section design facility and technical advice.

Also provided is the facility to advance rust protect such galvanise or powder coating with shot blasting metalizing and other procedures as indicated on section rust protection galvanise and powder coating.

On residential and commercial galleries you can view selection of our work relating to the above.

Finally Arts of Steel specialise in the following works & services: Single leaf hinged Electric gates double leaf hinged electric gates security electric gates sliding electric gates cantilever sliding electric gates pedestrian electric gates vehicle entrance electric gates etc .Also automatic gates, automatic sliding single and double leaf gates, automatic sliding and cantilever gates, bespoke gates, electric gate operators, bespoke electric gate automation, electric gate systems, electric wrought iron and timber gates, gate automation, gate automation systems, gate operators, also industrial gates, remote controlled gates, residential and commercial security gates, static wrought iron gates , Gate Fabrication and design.

Also wrought iron gates garden gates , wrought iron pedestrian single and double leaf gates, laser cut panel gates.

Wrought iron metal construction, structural metal work, engineering and fabrication of metal constructions, design of metal constructions and general to the complete service of design fabrication, advance rust protection supply and installation of metal constructions